History of Inventions I: Lesson 4 - Coins

Coins have been around for a very long time. The kingdom of Lydia was the first kingdom to have made modern coins. People planned for gold in the Pactolus river. The citizens sifted out the gold electron out of the Pactolus river .The people figured out a way to stamp coins out of the gold. Before the kingdom of Lydia made coins they used ingots of gold before the coins it was harder to buy stuff because for example if you had a block of gold in your purse it would be too heavy or it would Be too hard to buy little things like candy candy bars or lollipops. 

click HERE for picture of a kingdom of Lydia coin

History of Inventions I: Lesson 3 - Copper, Tin, and Bronze

Copper Is soft, ductile, and malleable, Malleable means it can be hammered into sheets without breaking easily. It is easily worked with. and a great conductor with heat and electricity, like if you have a copper mug then once you pour a cold liquid in it, it becomes cold. and copper is known for it been used for cords. Tin is similar to copper, it is soft, ductile, and malleable, tin is silvery white, and it is not a great conductor, and it is easily worked with. Bronze is an alloy of Copper and Tin, unlike the others, it is hard and durable, Bronze is also resistant to corrosion.   Here is today's video that went with this lesson: 


History of Inventions I: Lesson 2 - Pyramids

There have been about 118 original square pyramids they were 480 Feet tall and the sides were 750 long and it weighed about 13 billion pounds and was built with 2.3 million blocks. It takes about 20 years to build one so that would mean they placed 12 blocks per hour day and night. The pyramids had polished limestone covering the whole pyramid but over time it had been stolen or earthquakes shook it off. And at the very top, there was a Benben stone at the top symbolizing their religion. Here is a picture of a dollar bill, I noticed the pyramid and if you look at the top of it, it reminds me of a Benben stone.  

US one dollar bill reverse series 2009jpg
Public Domain, Link

here is a short video that was with this lesson:


Recently our bean plants have been setting flowers but not beans, after a couple of days with still no beans and just flowers I asked Mellisa K. Norris and she said its probably due to the heat here. Today my dad and I went to check on it, and it was, unfortunately, it was starting to die. 

Our first tomato plants have also started to turn yellow my Dad said the soil in that plot isn't very good.  

History of Inventions Course Summary

Today I finished a course about the history inventions from around 2630 BC to 1800 AD 

Here is a short list of things from the summary video:

  • The world had changed after 1800 AD because people started to improve inventions and technology. 
  • Inventions are like bricks in a building: you can't place bricks in the air without other bricks to hold them up
  • The Romans had the primary stuff to make a steam engine, but they didn't invent the steam engine. That's because they needed something else to base the idea on 
  • Some machines couldn't have been invented without the tools that were made to build them. For example, if the battery wasn't invented then cars probably wouldn't have been invented and computers and some types of toys

The course includes videos showing people actually using the different inventions and technology. For example here is a short video of a person using a catapult:

I liked the course because it showed how the inventions were made, how the inventions were used, and what they used for. I think you have to be at least ten years old to understand the course.

Pioneering Today Academy

Sorry, I didn't post at all recently but I will try to post more soon! Anyway, today's blog post is about an online academy that I joined about 3 to 4 months ago, It is called Pioneering Today, and it teaches you how to plant vegetables, how to make food and seed starting Etc. Anyway, my Mom is friends with the owner, her name is Melissa K Norris. If you want to also try joining it click here to see her website.

Garden Pictures

A few days ago we went down to check out our garden as I was looking at our tomato plants I noticed that each one had at least five flowers on them! I was so excited, I told dad and I took some pictures of them. Here are some pictures of them and I also took A picture of one of the poppies.