my blog

if you want to know what time i make blog post it's between 2:30 and 3:00 and some. Times in the morning but on Saturdays and Sundays i don't make a blog post

the church family

hi, btw (By The Way) remember the family that came to our house two days ago? well there last name is the "church" family and the oldest one's name is Ezra and the other one's name is Benjermin, and they only have two kids, they're going to come back on Saturday


remember i made a blog post about the easter egg hunt? Well in two days i am going to the easter egg hunt, and my two brothers (Simeon and Caleb) and my sister Johanna and i are. Going to walk there in two days so we ("we" as in caleb Simeon and Johanna and i) have to leave at 8:30 A.M. because it takes a about a hour to get there 

the five second rule

have you heard of the five second rule? the Five second rule is that if you drop some food on the floor before five seconds then it's ok to eat. But if you drop some food on the floor and you grab it after five seconds then it's not ok to eat, i sometimes do the five second rule 

my brother

my brother Simeon might get a job well i think it's called a job well anyway if he does a good job he will get 1200 dollars but he might not. Because there are a lot of people doing it to, i think it's for this math thing 

our friends

we know a Family there last name is Eschen and they came yesterday and it was a lot of fun playing with them they know a couple games. Like one is called "banana tag" and there's another one called " mafia " my favorite one is banana tag and there names are Rissa and Brianna and Josiah. we had a great time and in "May" we are going to see them again