our cat

did you know we have a cat? and our cat is a girl? well. She is going to have kittens and every time she has kittens we make a cardboard house for her were she has her kittens. And she is black and white we used to have a dog but he died and his name was Diego. I miss him


hi, well yesterday I got to go to the movies and watch ZooTopia I love so much and my favorite part was this sloth a kind of animal and his name. Is "Flash" and he's so slow he's slow at talking slow at moving and he went to fast in his car and got pulled over by the cops and the cop knew who Flash was. And knew that Flash is very slow and when Flash rolled down the window the cop was surprised to see Flash and. BTW the cop is a Rabbit and the Rabbit is the main character and the Rabbit's name is Judy. Anyway Judy knew that he was so slow at talking. The people who made the movie should have made Flash's name different like. Here is a trailer btw don't click on one of those other videos at the end of the trailer!

the movie i want to Watch

there is a movie i want to watch at the movie theater but. Everyone is a little bit sick so we can't watch it until Everyone is feeling good. it's called '"ZooTopia"here is a funny riddle "were do cows go on dates?" the answer is "the mooo-vies" Do you get it? and ZooTopia is very funny

The Easter egg hunt

Every year there will be a Easter egg hunt near the Lake California club house is. And ages 1. 10. Years old are aloud to do the Easter egg hunt. There will be groups and one has 1.2. Year olds will be in one group and 3.5. Year olds will go in a different group. And there's two more groups 6.8. Year olds will be one group and 9.10. Will be one a group And it's the day before Easter is,and it's starts at 9:30 A.M.


i'v never went to LegoLand but i have a friend who i think went to LegoLand. His name is Connor he's the same age as me. we got a free ticket from a Lego magazine but my. Mom said "we're not going to LegoLand" so we gave it to our other friends. i wish i could go to LegoLand,

The thing Simeon got

you know that my brother Simeon had a birthday? Simeon got a bike well it is't the kind of bike that has two wheels it has three wheels and. Here's what it looks like, 

I would call it a tricycle but that sounds like a little small. And Simeon called it the vipeombile, sorry the pic isn't good ):

How my Oma found out about the book

About six or five days ago. My mom's mom came and my mom's Dad came over and I will tell you why. When it is anyone's birthday in our family my Oma and Opa would come over to our house btw my mom's mom is Oma and my mom's Dad is Opa. Anyway they came for my Brother Simeon's Birthday and Simeon got a book called "The Little House in The Big Woods" and it is about a family that has three kids and there names were Laura. And they had a baby named Carrie and the other. Is Mary and do you know how Oma knew it? Here is how she knew about it when Oma was about 11 years old she was going to the Indiana and she was going by boat and it was her birthday and someone got her a. Balloon and the sad part is it flew away and they finely got to Indiana and she went to school and the problem was is she didn't speak English and the teacher was reading the "little house in the Big Woods" and. Some how Oma was able to understand it and after a long time she went California. Anyway that's how she found out and I got a picture of the book!!!

  1. myOma

The two things I got on Christmas

Hello, two months ago when It was Christmas I got a stop watch. Do you know what a stop watch is? If you don't know it is it's a type. Of watch that has a timer on it and i can click a button and it will stop and if I want it to go on I could click the button again. And I also got a binder too and I got a picture of both!!


The new Calvin and Hobbes book

hi, and I got my brother another Calvin and Habbes book it's. Called "The days are just packed" and we almost have all of the books there's probably about 2 more. Books and I want those so badly and my birthday is in four months so I want a book Called "there's treasure everywhere" and it's a Calvin and Hobbes book. And Simeon got another book it's going to come tomorrow it's called "it's a magical world"