The Garden

Hi and about too or three days ago my brother decided. To make a garden and so far it is going good it is also the first one because before when we got the house it didn't have a garden well probably. The people before the people that lived in the house right before we did had a Garden. Anyway here's some pictures!!!

The car

did you know that my brother Jonathan had a car? He got one about 2 weeks ago. Because he is going to do a mail job but he might sale it. He doesn't know, I got a picture for you to!!! eh eh eh..

there got the picture

The video I watched on YouTube

Hi and I watched a video this morning, and here's. 2 pictures, and if you want to go There it's on YuoTube this is what it is called (How it's made) there's other videos too. Like how it's made RVs, And I wish I could take a video of one. :( but you could go on there and see them, 

My brother's blog

Hi. And my brother Gideon has a blog and it is very nice you should go on. It and here is the name of his blog if you want to go there