The rats and the cat

Once there lived a cat named Simon who loved chasing rats. But whenever he tried to they would hide behind his owner. so wen he ran after them they would stop right behind his owner and that wasn't good because. His owner would tell Simon to go outside but one day he saw the rats go in a little crack. In the living-room and so wen they went out of the crack Simon would grab them. And after that the rats were afraid to go out and then they went out wen Simon was asleep well they thought he was asleep he wasn`t asleep but it was to late wen they went near to. The bed Simon grabbed them they said "please don't get us any more Simon" and after that they began to cry. Then Simon said "ok but if they would move" the rats said "ok,

                                                     THE END 

Bionicle guy

This is my favorite Bionicle guy. And my Brother Simeon helped me make this guy. And he has 2 Blogs here is the name of the socend Blog he had and here is the first one