A story coming soon!

I am going to post a story soon! The story is called "The Three Thieves" it's about a man named jack and his parrot Sayfin here is a part of it:                                                                          The Three Thieves

 Once upon a time there lived a man named Jack. Jack was a nice man who had a parrot named Sayfin. Most people said that was funny because if you say Sayfin it sounds like you are telling Sayfin to say "fin."  Jack lived in a old brick house at the edge of woodville village (woodville was the name of the village). Jack was very poor and didn't have that much food to even feed Sayfin, so one day Jack went

 out to chop some wood and sell some of it to the woodville market to make some money and to buy a half loaf of bread for him and Sayfin.  But when he was chopping he saw some eyes staring at him through the bushes and he dropped his axe and ran because he thought it might be a coyote or a wolf. When he came back the eyes were gone and so was his axe he wondered who it was as he 

walked as he walked home, the next day he went back to the woods to find his axe.  As he walked through the woods he wondered how he would find his axe.  It could be anywhere (the woods were very big) so he looked behind trees and in bushes and he couldn't find his axe anywhere. suddenly he saw a light turn on in the distance and followed it to a cabin and he also heard some voices near the cabin, 

Home Design 3D

You have probably seen the other post about Home Design 3D, i did this one better than the other house. I haven't finished it though. This time I made a office. Here is some pics, 

And if you want me to add anything else to the office, comment on this post


Me, simeon, and Johanna went down the hill a couple of days ago and found a trailer. we didn't know whose it was so we left it there then we went down there again to see if the trailer was still there and it was so it's still down there right now

Simon and Lemo

Once upon a time, their lived a rat, the rat's name was Simon he loved to take oats from a farm and the farmer's name was John, he did not like rats so he got a cat named Lemo, and Simon did not like Lemo because Lemo kept on chasing him. One time when Simon went to go to steal some oats, Lemo came out from his bed and ran at Simon, but Simon said "wait stop don't" "fine" said Lemo then Lemo agreed to stop chasing him as long as Simon didn't take anymore then half a bowl full of oats, so they all lived happily ever after.

                                                                                         The End


Sophie's B-day

Sophie (our youngest sister) is going to have a turn 1 year old on Friday, and Gideon on up is going is ice skating on Sophie's birthday so me, Simeon, Johanna, and Sophie, mom, and my dad are going to stay at our house.

WWII book

My older Brother Caleb has been reading a WWII book. the one we recently finished is called "Hideout In The Swamp" and the one we are reading is called "The Grim Reaper" here is pic of the "The Grim Reaper"