the pumpkin sugar cookies

Yesterday I made some pumpkin sugar cookies from a book called "Hand Made" it's a cookbook wrote by a friend of my mom's. Her name is Melissa k. Norris. The pumpkin sugar cookies were the best sugar cookies I have ever made but the funny thing that I did when I made it was that I forgot to add half the ingredients so that when the book said to put the batter in the fridge it came out of the fridge tasting weird so then I looked in the cookbook and my mom found out that I forgot to put dry ingredients in the batter so I put it in it here is a picture of the cookies:

The zonnehoek story part three

Here is part three of the zonnehoek story. So i did edit some of the stuff. But most of the stuff the dragon did. So i think it's getting a lot better now. I hope you'l like it!

Good morning! I'm so glad you came! i've been expecting you! The weather is just awful isn't it? Yes It's a typical Dutch weather the type of weather to sit by the old coal burning stove brrrrr. I can feel that cold wind hitting My bricks! Come on in quickly and please close the door behind you.

Goodness what a rain! And that wet snow! What a mess! Better wipe your shoes on the mat before you come upstairs okay?

Up here in the hallway you can coats on the coat rack and take off your wet shoes I have slippers under the coat rack for my guests feel free to take a look there must be some that will fit your feet

this door opens into the living room so, come on in where it's nice and cozy yes, go in and take a seat near the coal burning stove today we are using the stove just like the back in the early days oh? You have never seeing a coal burning stove before? Oh my that's something! Unbelievable, never seen a coal burning stove! Well, then, it's a new experience for you isn't it? Right now it's nice and cozy here but later you may want to add some coals

maybe you all find a comfortable seat? ready for the story? Yes? oh You are eager to hear it, are you? Excellent! Let's begin!

I know you're probably thinking 'Gee what's so different about this house that we are invited here to hear it's story'? Well you will soon know...!

You may think that I just like all the other houses, but that is so. No, I'm definitely different! You think I am different because I have a store downstairs? Yes, you're right, I do have a store and over the years I have sold a variety of things.

Part two the Zonnehoek story

There has been a few problems. One is that it won't pick up names very well. The only name that it picked up the best is Alice Tucker. The second problem is that sometimes it won't pick up some of the words i am saying so i normally have to say it multiple times to type it in. Here part two of the Zonnehoek Story:

My father had an amazing time to tell his memories in a likely manner set mother betty encouraged my father to tell the story had Juilliard despite the fact that she lost many family members during the war took the time to share her memories with me aunt that and aunt lied who are prepared to fill in some of the missing details

 that Dunkelberg and Punjab Selleck worked on the change sedation of the book from English into set

vera juice night publisher who encouraged me to publish this book in three languages without her pacing work this book would have been realized!

Paul refers who I met in his book "as that he was" means sketches made my words come alive

dad being East net who suggested I let the house telling the story

Alice Tucker who had read and edited the first manuscript many others contributed my editing book sections

and last but we not least my husband Bert who is my sounding board and constant source of encouragement! 

The Zonnehoek story

Today I have been trying to work on training my dragon to adapt to my voice so I am reading The Zonnehoek story to help me. Here is what I have done so far but I haven't edited the story yet so it won't be perfect: 

The hook story


Mary's buckle the wrinkle.

Illustrations by

Paul turns

Publishing house




Without the help of many people, to many to name them all, it's book could not have been written.

Mossy Oak Kingdom

Recently me and my brother Simeon and my sister Johanna have been working on building a fort. These pictures are from a bed that we made out of dead grass. And we made a roof out of branches and dead grass. 

We each have a place on the tree and we are making like a seat. There is a creek that goes right next to it but right now there is no water because it is too dry. The only problem is that there is a lot of poison oak that surrounds the fort.

Scripture typer

Recently I have been memorizing Bible verses like the Lord's Prayer and the Nicene Creed. If you want to get it to here is a link to their website: The reason I am doing this is so I can be confirmed. Here is a picture: 

and this is me memorizing the Lords Prayer at their website

My Grandpa and Grandma

Pretty soon my Grandpa and Grandma are going to move back to France, and they are going to move to their old house back in France which is right next store to the French kids. And so they are moving some of their stuff into this storage area, and they are probably going to be in France by the end of this month.

Dragon software

Today I tried out a Dragon software, and I am trying it out right now. And so far it is working good, and i am able to open stuff with it and can open stuff like posthaven and might do another blog post pretty soon. Right now it is trying to recognize my voice as I talk into the mic. we had it a long time ago so my dad said i can use it for my stories and blog posts. If you want to get it here is the link to their website:

the German and French people

This morning the German and French kids left to San Francisco and Jonathan took them on a tour thing through the city. Last night we went to our Grand Parents house and had a party with some people from our church it was Matilda, Joshua, the other Joshua from our church, me, Jonathan My dad our Grandpa and Grandma, Mrs. Mintz, and the Mintz Kids and Nicholas, Gideon, Simeon Noelle and our paster from church came to give the French and German kids some books and to say Bye. we played some card games with the Mintz kids and Joshua, and PearJean and we had pie and creps