Home Design 3D

I use a app called Home Design 3D, it is really cool because I can make a house with stuff that looks like real stuff. And I can switch to 3D and see what I did. Here Is some pictures

If you are Intrested you can get the first one for free and the second and third cost money on app store. Here is the name of the app: Home Design 3D


Today Is just a school day. We are homeschooled so we don't go to a school. And I have never been a school before so I always wonder what a school looks like. If you would like to tell me please comment on this post. Have a good afternoon!!!


yesterday we went to our Oma's and Opa's house. Tant was there too and her sons, Aaron & Nathan. And my uncle, Mark. And Sherrie (Sherrie is my uncle's wife btw.) We had lunch and ate desert the desert was yummy. (And thanks for letting us visit your house, Opa and Oma!!!)

the parade

today we went to a parade, it was really fun and they shoot hats (the guns had blanks) and gave one to me. They have a parade every year on may, 7. I love it you should have came. Have a happy afternoon!!!

Billy and his dog

         [Part one]

Once upon a time there lived a boy named Billy who always wanted a dog but it cost too much. 

He was walking one night when he heard a bark on side of him and then another bark on the opposite side of him. Then he saw 8 eyes staring at him. He yelled, but no one heard him. He ran, but there were eyes all around him. Then he heard one "hoooowwlll" then another. He remembered that sound. It was coyotes! Then something hit him.  He fell. His mind was blank up until he got up. He found himself tied to a tree. 

He could barely see some coyotes moving. They had red eyes then he heard one of them talk. He couldn't believe he heard coyotes talk. At first he thought it was a dream but a pup came to him and said "hi, i'm Rex" and then he bit the rope an Billy was free. Billy ran. 

The other coyotes saw Billy and ran after him. Rex was beside Billy as he hid behind a tree. Billy saw some lights up ahead. He whispered to Rex  Do you see those lights? Let's go where the lights are" but Rex wasn't there. Then he heard a voice say "OK" It was Rex coming out of a bush. So Billy and Rex went to the light

  [Part two]

But when they got near the light, Rex jumped at Billy. Some people came behind a tree and knocked Billy out when he woke up he was in his bed. He looked on one side and saw Rex there tied up and with a cloth around his mouth. Billy untied him and took off the cloth. "oh, thanks you are probably wondering why I was tied up? 

I will tell you the whole story: when we got to the tree i was sitting next to a bush when something grabbed me and knocked me out and pulled me in the bush" 

"Why should i believe you?" said Billy "you might be a spy" 

"I'm not" said Rex and they argued until finally Billy said "OK, fine I will believe you. But on one thing: you have to be my outside dog" 

Rex said "OK" 


                      STORY BY EZRA HARRIS


Today i did math with dominoes and made a triangle i start out with one than go all the way to 12 it's kind of fun my dad taught me how to do it, it takes me about a hour to finish it, if you have dominoes you can make the same thing!!!

Cowboy Sunday

I hope you have a happy week and on Sunday we are not going to our church but we our going to our friends church in Orland it's kind of weird because there's lots of other church's are right next the church we are going to. The family's name is Warfield my favorite kid is Kent he's about 14 years old 


We actually might not have a BBQ tomorrow because it's going to rain I wish it would not rain tomorrow but the weather said it's going to rain, I wish God would change the weather but I doubt he is


On Friday we are going to have a BBQ at the Lake and one of my mom's friend (Neena) is going gonna be there and we're gonna swim in the lake because it's starting to get really hot and we went to the lake two days ago and it's, really fun at the lake because we have two rafts and a squirt-gun

my brother Jonathan

yesterday night my oldest brother Jonathan Bought a new car from someone and it's a pickup truck that's really dark purple well it looks like black. And it can hold about 8 people in it including the very back. And it has two stripes on both sides, have a good afternoon!!! Here is a picture


Today we are just doing are homework and other stuff i really want to visit your house sometime maybe on my Birthday i can or after my. Birthday or before i hope you have a pleasant afternoon 

The Birthday

Today I am going to a Family's Birthday party and it starts at 7:00 pm and at a different house a another Birthday party is on Saturday. But I am not going to that Birthday party but my two oldest Brothers are I wish you could come!!!