my birthday

My birthday is on 6/1/2016 which is in 5 days. I posted my birthday list already but I got a better idea I went on Amazon and searched up all of the things except for the kayak. I also found something on it's called catch phrase, you can copy this address here is the address: And here is the list:


Tomorrow we are first going to my Oma and Opa's house and after that from their house we will go to the Eschens house and stay a night their. Everyone else is going to a place called "makersfair" it's where people bring stuff and show it off and other people can try it. Me, my mom and my two younger sisters are staying. Have good day!!

my birthday list

here is my birthday list:

1. Four Tennis rackets and a ball

2.  kayak 

3. a basketball 

4. plastic bullets for my StarWars Rebels lightsaber 

5. a FitBit charger

6. a green kick-board 

7. and a present from Holland