the story

If you haven't seen the story I made it's called "Cody's story" here is the story:

Chapter 1

Cody at the beach

Hi, I am Cody and I love my owner.  my owner love's his van and his name is john. I am only one year old. I have never been in the van, and my mother is six year's old, and my favorite food is cow bones and john Said to me that he will go to the beach with the van and my mother so we went to The beach with mom, mom said that there is fish in the water I asked what is fish mom said that they are creatures that Live in water and also are owner fishes them and and eats them after A couple minutes john said that we should leave now so we left

Chapter 2

My birthday

And when we got home I went on the couch and I slept Intel I Heard there was a knock on the door and it was Rex at the door  you want to know Who is Rex he is my Best friend and he is A little bit older then me he has been my best friend for one month and he said do you want to go the Park and play I asked mom if I can go mom said that you can go but only if you go to the park I said ok to mom and then I left I told that my birthday is coming up and I want some cow bones for my birthday we want to the park after that I want home mom said that my birthday is tomorrow I was surprise I did't know that the next day I woke up to hear a knock at the door it all of my friends at the door I was Very happy to see them 

Chapter 3

Moving to a new house

It is after my birthday and I love my toys and my mom said that we might move in a couple months I was very unhappy to leave my friends but mom said that we will probably we will see our friends again some time but that didn't help me at all I didn't say anything the next day I saw john packing up my toys i wondered how soon we will leave or home and After a Few months I saw a Truck coming to or house mom said that the truck is helping us Move I wasn't pleased with this I didn't wan't to  leave my friends the truck left the next day i told Rex that we or going to Move Rex said he will miss me win I leave 

Chapter 4

I see my Friends again

A few months after we moved I saw a car come mean towards our house I saw Rex in the car he is bigger then along time ago when he got to our house we played with the ball John was throwing the ball I always got the ball but I let Rex gat the ball sometimes  

my blog

if you want to know what time i make blog post it's between 2:30 and 3:00 and some. Times in the morning but on Saturdays and Sundays i don't make a blog post

the church family

hi, btw (By The Way) remember the family that came to our house two days ago? well there last name is the "church" family and the oldest one's name is Ezra and the other one's name is Benjermin, and they only have two kids, they're going to come back on Saturday


remember i made a blog post about the easter egg hunt? Well in two days i am going to the easter egg hunt, and my two brothers (Simeon and Caleb) and my sister Johanna and i are. Going to walk there in two days so we ("we" as in caleb Simeon and Johanna and i) have to leave at 8:30 A.M. because it takes a about a hour to get there 

the five second rule

have you heard of the five second rule? the Five second rule is that if you drop some food on the floor before five seconds then it's ok to eat. But if you drop some food on the floor and you grab it after five seconds then it's not ok to eat, i sometimes do the five second rule 

my brother

my brother Simeon might get a job well i think it's called a job well anyway if he does a good job he will get 1200 dollars but he might not. Because there are a lot of people doing it to, i think it's for this math thing 

our friends

we know a Family there last name is Eschen and they came yesterday and it was a lot of fun playing with them they know a couple games. Like one is called "banana tag" and there's another one called " mafia " my favorite one is banana tag and there names are Rissa and Brianna and Josiah. we had a great time and in "May" we are going to see them again 

our cat

did you know we have a cat? and our cat is a girl? well. She is going to have kittens and every time she has kittens we make a cardboard house for her were she has her kittens. And she is black and white we used to have a dog but he died and his name was Diego. I miss him


hi, well yesterday I got to go to the movies and watch ZooTopia I love so much and my favorite part was this sloth a kind of animal and his name. Is "Flash" and he's so slow he's slow at talking slow at moving and he went to fast in his car and got pulled over by the cops and the cop knew who Flash was. And knew that Flash is very slow and when Flash rolled down the window the cop was surprised to see Flash and. BTW the cop is a Rabbit and the Rabbit is the main character and the Rabbit's name is Judy. Anyway Judy knew that he was so slow at talking. The people who made the movie should have made Flash's name different like. Here is a trailer btw don't click on one of those other videos at the end of the trailer!

the movie i want to Watch

there is a movie i want to watch at the movie theater but. Everyone is a little bit sick so we can't watch it until Everyone is feeling good. it's called '"ZooTopia"here is a funny riddle "were do cows go on dates?" the answer is "the mooo-vies" Do you get it? and ZooTopia is very funny