Benefits of a Roman Aqueduct - History of Inventions - Lesson 27

Rome borrowed the idea of the aqueduct from the Etruscans and the Greeks, but the Romans perfected the idea. They perfected it by bringing lots of fresh clean, and consistent water to the city, it also benefited the sewage system because the aqueduct provided consistent water to flush the gross stuff out of the city, another benefit is irrigation. The Romans were master builders, so they only put 10% of the aqueduct above ground in case there was a war, they wouldn't want there enemies knowing where to stop the water flow into the city. And they built stackable bridges for the aqueduct rather than two side-by-side bridges for the water to travel. For the Romans to keep the water flowing to the city, they built the aqueducts very slightly slanted over many miles. I am fascinated by how much water the aqueduct would have to bring into the cities by rainwater or rivers or by the maintains.

What Roman Aqueducts Are - History of Inventions - Lesson 27

An aqueduct is a man-made channel that lets the water flow into the big cites. We use running water daily, and for an example, your shower will have running water when you turn it on or when you are using your faucet to wash your hands or to clean the dishes. The Romans didn't invent the aqueduct, but they perfected the design of the aqueduct. Here is an image of how a Roman aqueduct works: 

The water would be collected from a lake or river and taken down a tube to the inspection shafts, and then it would go through to the settling tank. From there, the water would go over a bridge, and then the water would be led into the distribution tank and then into different places in the city. I like the bridges for the water because they let the river go through, and they can hold water at the top.

How Roman Bridges Were Built - History of Inventions - Lesson 26

Romans loved the shape of a circle because they thought the shape of a circle is the perfect shape. That is where the Romans got the inspiration for arches. The Romans got the love of the shape of a circle from the greeks who thought the circle was also a perfect shape next to a sphere. The Romans built the foundations of the bridge using cofferdams, cofferdams were used to build the bottom of the pillars for the Roman bridges. A cofferdam is made by tying big wood logs together to form a wall, then they pump out the water from inside the barrier. once they are finished the water is pumped back into the cofferdam, and then they remove the barriers. I used wondered how workers were able to build the pillars underwater it makes a lot more sense now. Here is a video about cofferdams: 

Sundial Bridge Bike Trails

Yesterday Me, my Dad, and some of our friends from our church went to turtle bay park. The reason we were at turtle bay park is that we were going to go biking on the trails near turtle bay park. The first ride we did was pretty hard on the last part because it was steep. Then we went down, but about halfway, we turned onto a different trail, which eventually led back to the sundial bridge (BTW the sundial bridge is over the Sacramento River and is in turtle bay park). Then after a small break, we rode our bikes to a ribbon bridge, which was further up the Sacramento River. Here is a map of the trail that we took. And here is a picture of the bridge: 

Our Hill Streams

It has been raining for the past few weeks, and that usually means that the streams at the bottom of the hill the streams will be flowing with water. That stream leads into cottonwood creek which feeds into the Sacramento river which flows into Sanfrancisco bay which flows into the ocean. 

Duolingo Part 2

Since I have started using Duolingo, I have learned a lot of French. And I have learned how to use and change doulingo settings, for example, you can change whether or not to have speaking lessons when you are learning, and whether or not to have listening exercises. A speaking exercise is where it gives a sentence. Then it has you repeat that sentence. For example, if you are in a crowded building or if you have a bad microphone, then it won't pick up your voice correctly. 

Minecraft Server

My Minecraft server runs on Java Edition 1.15. A version of Minecraft is the update of Minecraft. Right now, there are 15 updates of Minecraft on the java. Usually, each update introduces new blocks, new mobs, and new items like bees, foxes, etc. The way you can connect to a server on Minecraft launcher where you log in and then you launch the game.

Two Minecraft Versions

There are two Minecraft versions for a pc:

Minecraft Java edition costs 26.00$ for a one-time fee, and Minecraft windows 10 edition costs 29.00$ for a one-time fee. Usually, most people will buy one or the other. They both have separate apps to download so they aren't the same app when opening Minecraft. But Minecraft Java edition has more experienced players because everybody who plays on Java edition is playing on a pc and pc's are easier to move around when playing. But most people who play on windows 10 edition are playing on Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo so since they are playing on controllers it makes it harder to move around and it is overall harder to play than on a pc. I play on both versions of Minecraft, but I prefer playing on Java edition.

Before Roman Bridges - History of Inventions - Lesson 26

Going across terrain is hard, but it is even harder for the Romans because they would build straight roads across the landscape. They would run into a lot of streams, rivers, canyons, etc. and therefore needed to build bridges. With bridges, it is a lot easier to cross over obstacles. Bridges would mean that Rome wouldn't have to build a longer road to the side until they found an easier way to go across a river, for example.

But the problem of building a bridge is that it would have to be able to support the weight of a full squad of armed Romans and support the weight of chests and wagons. It would also have to be able to withstand earthquakes and thunderstorms. In the beginning, Rome built wooden bridges, but it wouldn't be able to withstand significant weather conditions. Then they started building bridges made out of stone, there was better, but the arches couldn't withstand the weight of Roman traffic over time the arch could collapse. So Rome kept working on the engineering problem of the arches until the bridges were able to withstand the weight and traffic of Rome. 


Sometime this spring, I, Simeon, and my Dad are going to take a trip to France to visit my Grandpa and Grandma who live in Lamanon France. We will probably fly first to Paris and then from Paris, we will go to Lamanon. Nicholas, Noelle, Gideon, and a friend of Noelle's all flew to France last February, and now it was our turn to fly to France. So Simeon and I are starting to learn French on an app called Duolingo. Duolingo is an app for teaching different languages. I like the app a lot because I can learn new French words so quickly. the app has me first learn the word it then tells me to translate it into English and it makes me say the word in French. it has me type it out into a full sentence! I have already learned a couple of words. Like "au revoir" means "Goodbye", and "chat" means "cat" .it has a point system where you can compete against other people on duolingo if you use duolingo you can level up higher but if you don't use duolingo often then you will start moving down on the leaderboard.

New Omega Theme

Posthaven is a blog hosting service that our family uses for our various blogs, and it only costs 5$ per month our family has a total of 8 blogs. Yesterday the support team for posthaven asked their customer base if we could try out their new theme called Omega that they are still working on. A theme is a format for the way your blog will look, and it won't change the content. So I responded to them asking if I could try it out on my Ezra Codes blog. About 1 hour or so later they responded back saying that they put the theme on the Ezra Codes blog. I went to check it out, I actually think it looks good! So when they officially release it I might use it for this blog. I love the theme because when you click on a post, it tells you the details of the post like the date and how many people have viewed it, and you can see the bio at the bottom, and you can add links to social media links in the bio. If you want to you can check it out Here

Castle Pop-up Book

About a week ago, we bought a castle pop-up book from Goodwill. It has a page explaining a short story about the castle and the different places in the castle. When you flip to the next page, the castle pops out, and you can see all of the different areas in a castle. Here are some pictures of the castle fully folded out:

In the pop-up book, there is a page with all of the different castle words and definitions of them, like:

  • Armory - a place where weapons and ammunition are stored.
  • Ballista - a weapon for hurtling missiles.
  • Battering ram - a long heavy beam with an iron head, used to break into a fortification.  

There are lots of other interesting words, that I have never heard before! The first time I saw the castle I didn't see that I can do lots of cool things like open and close the gate to the castle and move the draw bridge up and down. I also saw several enemy soldiers trying to get under the walls of the castle that I didn't see at first. The book is very intriguing because I can see soldiers walking around the inside of the castle when I look through the gate, and you can see people doing their chores and work around the castle, and it looks pretty realistic!

Why I Had to Make Fixes on my Blog

The reason I changed my blog was that I noticed that the image for the background was gone, so I went under the coding side of my blog and found out the older image was deleted from the website that it was on. So I went and found another image, this time it was a winter looking image. It took a while for me to finish uploading the image, and change the color of the text and other things. But I finished it, and I think it looks pretty good!

Minecraft Earth AR App

About six days ago, an app called Minecraft Earth came out. Minecraft Earth is an AR-based game. It was created by Mojang, which owns Minecraft. Minecraft earth is another game based off of the original pc Minecraft game. Minecraft earth is a game where you can walk around your neighborhood and collect Minecraft animals. What I think is the best part of the app is that I can build a house from the resources I collected from around my area, and I can see my build in real life through the phone. AR stands for "Augmented Reality." This means you can see virtual objects through your phone screen, and you can see the real world at the same time. It's like a virtual object placed on top of the phone camera. For example, if you walked outside and looked on the ground you would just see what you normally see, but if you looked at the phone with the app open you will see a little Minecraft world that you couldn't see without your phone. The game took about maybe a year or so for them to make the game. But it is a very fun game to play, especially with other friends!