Before Roman Roads - History of Inventions - Lesson 24

Before Roman roads, the Romans used dirt paths. The way a dirt path would be formed is when someone or some animal walks in the same place over and over, that place will become a path, it will become just hard dirt and rocks, and will overtime knock off loose dirt or rocks. Even small animals like a little dog can make a path as good as bigger animals.

The problem with dirt paths is that it can get muddy after rainstorms, and that can make traveling along a path very difficult, and muddy roads can cause delays for ancient people trying to get army from one country to the other, which can cause for wars to be lost.

An ideal road in ancient times should be able to to do this:

  • Help armies travel quickly
  • Be able to send messengers without delay from the rain
  • Easy travel with big wagons of supplies without getting stuck in the mud 
  • Milestones to tell you how far you are going
  • The road will always stay whether, or not someone has walked on it or not

Here is a video about Roman roads:


Sounds like the path we all created at the end of Canyon Dam Place!
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