Billy and his dog

         [Part one]

Once upon a time there lived a boy named Billy who always wanted a dog but it cost too much. 

He was walking one night when he heard a bark on side of him and then another bark on the opposite side of him. Then he saw 8 eyes staring at him. He yelled, but no one heard him. He ran, but there were eyes all around him. Then he heard one "hoooowwlll" then another. He remembered that sound. It was coyotes! Then something hit him.  He fell. His mind was blank up until he got up. He found himself tied to a tree. 

He could barely see some coyotes moving. They had red eyes then he heard one of them talk. He couldn't believe he heard coyotes talk. At first he thought it was a dream but a pup came to him and said "hi, i'm Rex" and then he bit the rope an Billy was free. Billy ran. 

The other coyotes saw Billy and ran after him. Rex was beside Billy as he hid behind a tree. Billy saw some lights up ahead. He whispered to Rex  Do you see those lights? Let's go where the lights are" but Rex wasn't there. Then he heard a voice say "OK" It was Rex coming out of a bush. So Billy and Rex went to the light

  [Part two]

But when they got near the light, Rex jumped at Billy. Some people came behind a tree and knocked Billy out when he woke up he was in his bed. He looked on one side and saw Rex there tied up and with a cloth around his mouth. Billy untied him and took off the cloth. "oh, thanks you are probably wondering why I was tied up? 

I will tell you the whole story: when we got to the tree i was sitting next to a bush when something grabbed me and knocked me out and pulled me in the bush" 

"Why should i believe you?" said Billy "you might be a spy" 

"I'm not" said Rex and they argued until finally Billy said "OK, fine I will believe you. But on one thing: you have to be my outside dog" 

Rex said "OK" 


                      STORY BY EZRA HARRIS

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Wow, Ezra, you are an amazing writer!!! Keep up the great work!!!
Wow, Ezra! That is like two chapters. Welcome to the writers club :)
thanks!! -Ezra David Harris
Nice handwriting!