Eating Dinner on a Mountain!

Yesterday our whole family, except for Nicholas and my Dad, drove up to a mountain near Shasta lake, I don't know the name of the mountain but, I do know it is somewhere near Shasta Lake because we saw Shasta lake from the top of the mountain. We followed the map coordinates Jonathan sent to us to get to the bottom of the right mountain, then we drove up the gravel road to the top. We had been invited by my brother Jonathan; we weren't the only ones Jonathan invited. He also invited some of his other friends. We had dinner there, and we ate venison stew, rice, and sweet potatoes. It was a beautiful view when it started to get dark because we could see Redding slowly light up way down below. We drove back down when it started to get dark. All of the other cars followed us till we got to the bottom of the mountain then we each went home our separate ways.

My favorite part was when I saw sunlight descending on the lower hills through the separated clouds.

Here is some videos and pictures my Mom took there: