Recently our bean plants have been setting flowers but not beans, after a couple of days with still no beans and just flowers I asked Mellisa K. Norris and she said its probably due to the heat here. Today my dad and I went to check on it, and it was, unfortunately, it was starting to die. 

Our first tomato plants have also started to turn yellow my Dad said the soil in that plot isn't very good.  


Hi Ezra, The flowers form before the beans. When the beans start to grow they’ll push the flowers away. You just need to wait. The tomato leaves either turn yellow because of too much water or not enough. Since it’s so hot there I’m going to guess not enough. I cover mine that get direct sunlight all day with the black fabric that lets light through that you can get at the hardware store so that they get some shade for part of the day. Also, you can watch a YouTube on raising heirloom tomatoes on which leaves to trim away so that you’re plants are healthier and produce more and the best depth to plant them. One more thing, if you take good care of them over the winter they’ll produce even more next spring and summer. xoxo
Anna Marie gave you some very good suggestions. Don't give up on your gardening, it is all a matter of experience. Opa has been growing grapes for years and now we are finally having huge Bunches of grapes. It took him a long time to know exactly what to do but his persistence paid off. Keep up the good work!

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