My Short Story: "The S&A Detective Agency"

                        <<<<The S & A Detective Agency>>>>

One morning as I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock, I noticed something white lying on my desk. I stood up to get a better look at it. As soon as I got up, I noticed that it was some snow that came through my open window. So I fell back on my bed. A few minutes later, my mom came in and said that Simon was at the door. I told mom to tell Simon that I would be down there in a minute. After my mom left, I quickly got dressed in my winter clothes and went downstairs. When Simon saw me, he said

"Hi Alminy, did you see the snow outside?" 

I told him about the snow on my desk as we went upstairs to my room. When Simon saw the pile of snow on my desk, he said we could push the snow back out the window, so we started to push the snow out the window.

"Wait! what's that?" Simon noticed something in the snow.

 I followed Simon's gaze at a small piece of paper sticking out of the snow. 

"Be careful. We have to pull it out slowly."

 We gently pulled the piece of paper out of the pile of snow. We tried to read what it said, but we could only make out the word 'Water.'

Then we put it on my desk to let it dry. After that, Simon and I went outside, still puzzled. Then we heard a police siren ringing across town. We were lost in thought about the piece of paper that we didn't pay attention to the siren or anything until a car nearly hit us! Suddenly a strong hand grabbed us out of the road and on to the sidewalk. 

"Are you two okay?"

"Yeah, we're okay," we both said at the same time.

The man was big and strong. He looked like he could win a boxing match. 

"why were you two boys in the middle of the street!?! If I wasn't here, you might have been run over!"

 We said we were thinking and didn't pay attention to the road. After that, the man left, and Simon and I decided we should go to Roger's frosty's (Roger's Frosty's an ice cream shop) anyway when we got there, unfortunately, it had a closed sign on its door. But as we were about to leave, Simon suddenly stopped and said 

"Listen, do you hear that?"

 We both stopped. I vaguely heard a ruffling inside the shop, and then we heard a crash! After that, we heard some voices, and then it was silent. But as Simon and I went to investigate the matter, we saw a head pop up from Inside, quickly we both ducked behind a bush. 

"Do you think he saw us?"

 Said Simon, "No, I don't think so."

 I said as I peered over the bush, The only thing I saw was an ice cream machine so I said 

"Okay, it's clear. Let's go to Mr. Riley's house and tell him what we saw."

We left for Mr. Riley's house, who is the owner of Riley's Frosty's. When we got there, we rang the bell, and then Jack the butler answered the door and said

"Yes?..ah! It's you, Alminy and Simon! Come on in!" 

"What brings you to boys here?" Said Jack as we walked inside 

"We came to talk about Mr. Riley's ice cream shop."

 Simon said as we turned a corner and was in the hallway, "are you two going to give Mr. Riley some more advice about what to put in his shop that other kids will like?"

 "No, not this time."

 "Hello, Simon. Hello Alminy, what brings you two here?" Said Mr. Riley as we sat down. 

"We came to talk to you about your ice cream shop."

"Oh? What about my shop?" 

"Was there anybody working there earlier?" 

"Hmm. I don't remember hiring anybody to clean up, but I will have to check my agenda, why?"

 "Well, we saw someone's head from inside your shop."

"ah!  Did you hear some crashes?"

"Yes, why? Do you know who was there?"

"Haha yes I do it must be Jimmy and Jeffry they were always coming here to ask if they can help clean up for some money so I said just this once they could clean up for five bucks each"

"that explains everything."

"come on let's go get some Wad-Fam-Choc-Sod at my ice cream shop."

(A Wad-Fam-Choc-Sod stands for a "World Famous Chocolate Soda") we both followed Mr. Riley out of his house and into his limo on the way there Mr. Riley showed us an old pitcher he said: "look at this it is a pitcher that I found in Israel a long time ago."

(Mr. Riley was an archeologist and had his own museum) "I will put it in my museum tomorrow." 

suddenly we slowed down to a stop, then Jack said, "sorry, there's a police roadblock blocking the road, so we have to go around."

As we were about to turn around, we heard a huge bang, and then suddenly, we could hear voices and some shouts outside. Jack started to drive the car around, and we headed down the road to the ice cream shop. When we got there, he unlocked the door, and we went inside. As soon as we walked in, we heard crashes then we heard a shivering voice.

"H-h-who's there?"

 "It's just us Jimmy," 

"Oh, it's you, Mr. Riley. We thought you were a burglar!" 

"Why are you here? Is it already opening time?" 

"No, we just stopped by to get some ice cream."

We walked over to the freezer, and Mr. Riley pulled out a bucket of ice cream.

"Hmm... I thought this bucket was heavier than this."

"Umm, well, about that." 

"Well, what about that?"

"I umm took a little umm bite out of the umm..."

"The bucket?"


After we ate some ice cream, Simon and I went back home. While we were walking back home, we saw Matthew playing with a new remote control car. 

"Hi, guys." 

Mathew said as he drove his remote control car towards them. 

"Hi Matthew"

 I said as the remote control car hit Simons's leg. Simon picked up the car. 

"Nice car, where did you get it?" 

"My mom and I found it at a yard sale." 

"Can you come to my house?"

"Sure, but wait a minute, I have to tell my Mom."

After Matthew came back a minute later with his remote control car in one hand and a small bag in the other, we head off towards my house. When we got to my house, we went upstairs to my room. As we walked in, I felt a breeze of air hit my face. 

"It's cold in here."

 Said Matthew as he plopped on to the bed, 

"your right, it's freezing in here."

 I said as I looked around the room for the source of the coldness, I spotted the window open a crack, I walked over to close it when I stopped I saw a man looking straight at my window sill, I quickly ducked down, 

"what's the matter, Alminy?"

 Said Simon as he came to the window, 

"get down, Simon."

 I said as I pulled Simon down next to me, 

"why did you do that?" 

"There's a stranger outside looking straight at my window sill."

I peeked back over the window to see if he was still there, suddenly something hit my face, my life flashed before my eyes as I fell down the only thing I could remember was I heard some shouts then a scream, after that, I-I couldn't die now I was too young to die, I had a great life... Goodbye Wor-

"Sorry to interrupt, but you were just hit with a snowball. You didn't die."

 I opened my eyes and sat straight up 


 I said as I stood up blinking 

"I didn't die?" 

"Nope, you were just hit with a snowball from Bratt."