History of Inventions Course Summary

Today I finished a course about the history inventions from around 2630 BC to 1800 AD 

Here is a short list of things from the summary video:

  • The world had changed after 1800 AD because people started to improve inventions and technology. 
  • Inventions are like bricks in a building: you can't place bricks in the air without other bricks to hold them up
  • The Romans had the primary stuff to make a steam engine, but they didn't invent the steam engine. That's because they needed something else to base the idea on 
  • Some machines couldn't have been invented without the tools that were made to build them. For example, if the battery wasn't invented then cars probably wouldn't have been invented and computers and some types of toys

The course includes videos showing people actually using the different inventions and technology. For example here is a short video of a person using a catapult:

I liked the course because it showed how the inventions were made, how the inventions were used, and what they used for. I think you have to be at least ten years old to understand the course.