Sad Onion Comics with Screen Recording using OBS Studio

About a week ago I and some of our friends started to write comics, about an onion, which is called "Sad Onion" because he is always sad. The reason he is unhappy is that when he was younger, he saw other onions get chopped up and put into soup, food, etc. A couple of days ago I created a video slideshow of those comics. Here is the finished video: comment if it needs music or sound effects.

The way I made the slideshow is first I put the paper that had the comic on it onto our HP printer scanner glass. On an Apple computer open "Preview" then on the very top of the mac click "File" then click "Import From Scanner" then choose the printer that you put the paper in, then click the toolbar icon, after that crop out everything except the first comic strip then click save. 

After that close "preview" and open Microsoft powerpoint, once open click "New Document" (note: it might already have an open and ready document) then there is a title slide put the title whatever you want it to be. Once you are done click the"new slide" button near the top of the app. After that, click the button that is called "Insert Picture from File" and 

I used a free program called OBS Studio for screen recording.