Simon and Lemo

Once upon a time, their lived a rat, the rat's name was Simon he loved to take oats from a farm and the farmer's name was John, he did not like rats so he got a cat named Lemo, and Simon did not like Lemo because Lemo kept on chasing him. One time when Simon went to go to steal some oats, Lemo came out from his bed and ran at Simon, but Simon said "wait stop don't" "fine" said Lemo then Lemo agreed to stop chasing him as long as Simon didn't take anymore then half a bowl full of oats, so they all lived happily ever after.

                                                                                         The End

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great story Ezra :) opa
Thank you!
Hi Ezra, I responded earlier, but, it looks like it got lost :( I love your story and I am amazed that you write so well!!! Keep up the great work!