The Three Thieves

                                                                               The Three Thieves

Once upon a time, there lived a man named Jack. Jack was a nice man who had a parrot named Sayfin. Most people said that was funny because if you say Sayfin it sounds like you are telling Sayfin to say "fin."  Jack lived in an old brick house at the edge of Woodville  (Woodville was the name of the village). Jack was very poor and didn't have that much food to even feed Sayfin, so one day Jack went out to chop some wood to sell some wood to the Woodville Market and make some money to buy a half loaf of bread for him and Sayfin.  

When he was chopping, he saw some eyes staring at him through the bushes. He dropped his axe and ran because he thought it might be a coyote or a wolf. When he came back the eyes were gone and so was his axe.  He wondered who it was as he 
walked home.

The next day he went back to the woods to find his axe.  As he walked through the woods he wondered how he would find his axe.  It could be anywhere (the woods were very big).  He looked behind trees and in bushes and he couldn't find his axe anywhere. Suddenly he saw a light turn on in the distance and followed it to a cabin. He also heard some voices near the cabin, but he could barely make out what they were saying: 

"So how did you find that axe, Jim?" asked one of the voices.

 "I got it from some man. When he saw me, he just ran away so I took the axe. Plus, we are burglars anyway." said the other voice.

 "He must have thought you were a wolf or something," said the third man. 

Now that Jack knew where his axe was, he thought of a plan to get the axe back. But it was getting late so he walked home. 

The next day he thought about getting his axe back.  He came up with a plan and brought his parrot to the woods to go to the cabin that he had seen last night.  Then he got there he let Sayfin scream as loud as he could.  He heard voices in the cabin and ran into the bush near the door of the cabin. 

He saw through the bush the three men walk out and he heard the first man say, "Are you sure you heard a bird?" 

The second man said, "I am sure I heard something." 

Then the third man said, "Me, too. I heard something, too." 

While they were arguing, Jack slowly walked toward the door then he suddenly jumped and slammed the door shut and locked it.  The other men started banging on the windows and the door and they said "unlock the door!" but Jack just kept it locked. Then he pushed some chairs against the door so they wouldn't get in.  He looked around the small cabin and saw tons of gold money and jewelry. Then he went into another room where he saw a counterfeit money maker on a desk in the room.  Now he was sure they were burglars!  He took all of the stuff and looked around to see if he could find a way out that the burglars wouldn't see him. 

He saw an opening in the ceiling that led up to the attic.  He climbed it. When he was in the attic, he looked to see if he could find a window to go through.  The only thing he saw was an old closet. He tried to push it so he could see if there was a window behind. When he was almost finished he suddenly heard a crash from the door and he ran into the closet that was next to him.  He heard loud footsteps inside. He was scared. He did not want them to find him because they would probably get revenge on him.  Then he heard loud voices from inside the cabin.

 "Hey, did you hear that, Bill? It sounded like a movement in the attic." 

"Yeah, I think I heard something in the attic - it might be him. Let's go check!" 

Then Jack heard some footsteps coming towards him and he moved even further into the closet.  He saw the closet door open, and he saw a big hand come toward him.  He barely dodged the hand, then after the guy searched the closet for Jack, he said, "he is not in here he must've got away."

The burglars went outside to rob some people and when they were gone, Jack got out of the closet and pushed it. He saw the window and he jumped out the ground and ran to his house. 

The next day Jack went toward the police station to report the robbers and give the money to the police.  When he was walking to the police station he saw the three burglars go into a bank so he ran to the police station.  When he got there he reported the burglars and told them that the burglars were entering the bank.  The police officers ran to the bank and caught them coming out with bags of money.

The police gave Jack a lot of money for catching the burglars... so Jack went home and lived happily ever after, 

                                                       The End

                                                                             Written by Ezra D. H.